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Lambrusco - This Stuff is Crazy!

Lambrusco - This Stuff is Crazy!

A few years back, I was thinking about Emilia-Romagna. Specifically, I was wondering about the region's wines. I had always understood Emilia-Romagna to be the food epicenter of Italy, so I wanted to explore the wines of the region. I was surprised to learn that the principal wine of the region is Lambrusco. "How weird," I thought, "that Riunite is the main wine of this amazing food region." As a person of a certain age, I had grown up with wine called "Lambrusco," that was sickening-sweet, fizzy, industrial wine. Indeed, it was so disgusting, that even as an underage consumer, I knew enough not to drink THAT. So I was really interested, several years later, when one of our reps brought some in to try. It was amazing!

There are nine primary Lambrusco clones, with Lambrusco Grasparossa and Lambrusco Sorbara the main grapes for our purposes. Grasparossa is dark, full-bodied, and tannic, while Sorbara is strawberry-colored and produces a more fragrant, aromatic wine. These lovely grapes yield wines that run the gamut from red to pink, sweet to dry, but they all have some measure of bubbles. The wine is produced in the Charmat method, like Prosecco, and can range from frizzante, or spritzy, to full sparkling. 

When Lambrusco is well-made, it's crazy good - fresh and young, bursting with beautiful red fruits like cherry and strawberry with slightly herbaceous aromas! Because the fruit is balanced out with a bright acidity, Lambrusco pairs really well with some of the hearty, fatty, creamy foods of Emilia-Romagna. At our special flight night, we're pairing the four wines with four courses of our house-made charcuterie, which is a traditional pairing. Foods like charcuterie that have salt, fat, savory spices and come in a range of textures demand a wine like Lambrusco - low in alcohol and high in acid, bubbly, refreshing, sometimes a little bit sweet - that cleanse the palate.

We hope you'll come out and experience these delicious wines!